Top 5 ways to relieve MRI claustrophobia.

It is not uncommon at all to feel anxious or claustrophobic during an MRI scan. Until recently, the proceedure involved sliding your body into a tight fitting tube.

Recent developments in the technology however, have widened these tubes, created new space to all sides and in some cases, allowed the patient to sit or even stand with nothing in front of them. However, with many people will still feel some levels of anxiety with the proceedure. And it is widely accepted that there are no known ways to completely prevent claustrophobia.

These five techniques for relieving stress during an MRI proceedure are based on recommendations from Doctors, Psychologists, Therapy scientists and Radiologists. The authors here have even tried all five of the techniqes themselves.

So if you have an upcoming MRI to be done and are getting a little 'wiggy' about it, read through the following five ways to combat claustrophobia specifically during an MRI test and see if one or even a few of them put together could work for you.

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See what your doctor's MRI machine looks like here.

So your doctor ordered an MRI for you. Feeling claustrophobic already?

Many imaging facilities now offer new typse of MRI machines that are dramatically more 'open'. These machines can help reduce a lot of a patient's anxiety.

Call ahead and ask the facility what specific MRI machine they will use with your test. Then click the name from our list below to see pictures and descriptions of it before you go.

NOTE: Many of these including the stand up MRI machines may or may not be available near you yet. If you are going outside of your local area, make sure you call your insurance company to see if the testing will be covered under your medical insurance policy. You don't want to have the proceedure only to find out that you are on the hook for the entire bill.

If you are a imaging facility or a MRI manufacturer and would like to include your machine not already listed here, please contact us here.

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