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What Are Posterior Bulging Discs?

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A disc in a person’s spine separating the vertebrae like ‘shock absorbers’ can weaken from aging, damage and/or deterioration. This can cause the disc to weaken and ‘bulge’ from it’s normal state or shape.

A Posterior Bulging Disc is a term doctors use for a bulging disc that has bulged out toward the "posterior," or back, of a patient’s spine.  Posterior bulging discs are known to be one of the most common problems. The action of a person bending forward causes discs to be squeezed on the stomach side of the spine, causing a protrusion toward the back of the spinal column.

If the bulge becomes big enough, it can start pressing on nerve tissue, causing neck pain, back pain, tingling, numbness, and other symptoms. These symptoms can be felt at the exact position of the posterior bulging disc. However, more pain can radiate to other parts of the body, depending on which segment the affected disc is located in the spine.

A posterior bulging disc can be located in any segment of the spinal canal including:

Lumbar bulging discs - Bulging discs located in the lower back, or lumbar region.

Thoracic bulging discs - Bulging discs located in the thoracic, or mid-back region.

Cervical bulging discs - Bulging discs located in the neck area, or cervical region.

As the disc remains unbroken, it will be called a Posterior bulging disc. However, if the bulge breaks open and leaks, it is then called a Posterior herniated disc.

NOTE: A bulging disc is also frequently referred to by doctors as a herniated disc, a slipped disc, pinched nerves, spinal stenosis or even sciatica. However, they are all slightly different. Read what those differences are by clicking here.

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