Marilyn Monroe Chest X-ray

Two views of Marilyn Monroe's chest in x-rays and other medical images.

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Marilyn Monroe's chest x-rays sold for $45,000.

Marilyn Monroe’s body has arguably been viewed more than any other woman in this world. And just when we think we’ve seen everyimage of the iconic legend, a whole new set of picture sheds light on her life.


According to Darren Julien, the president of the house auctioning off three of Marilyn Monroe’s x-rays, they are “the ultimate look into the legend.”

Taken just two months after her famous scene form the classic movie Seven Year Itch, the x-rays reveal more about her body than that blast of hot subway air rushing under her white dress.

But why would anyone pay for another person’s x-rays? Besides the obsessed fan or collector reasoning, do the  x-rays do have some historical significance? They were taken at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Florida during a doctor’s visit in November of 1954.

The actress had surgery at Lebanon Hospital for endometriosis, a condition of the womb,which caused her considerable physical pain.  The x-ray was also taken around the time that Marilyn was believed to be pregnant.  “And”, as Julien said, “rumor has it that she had a miscarriage.”

Film footage documents her leaving the hospital two days after the x-ray was taken. She was still married at this time to baseball star Joe DiMaggio but the two had split up and were going through divorce proceedings. The x-ray states her married name of Marilyn DiMaggio.

A young doctor working in the radiology department of the hospital obtained the x-rays later on and used it to show his students at the centres medical school.  He passed them on to his daughter who had put them up for sale.

Of the three x-rays, the most coveted was the one of Marilyn’s chest. It brought twenty times the estimate achieving $25,000 alone. Bidders also snatched up the two others, each side views, paying $10,000 for each of those.

After the auction, perhaps ironically, it was noted that Marilyn Monroe’s bra was still on the market.

View Marilyn Monroe's head x-ray here.

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Monroe xray close up

Close up of same x-ray below featuring the name Marilyn DiMaggio.

Marilyn Monroe Chest xray

Picture: Julien's Auctions / Rex Features
An x-ray of Marilyn Monroe's chest taken by a young doctor in 1954. source

Monroe side xray

Photo: AP
Marilyn Monroe chest X-ray from a set of three auctioned. source

Marilyn Monroe two views

Cropped screenshot of Marilyn Monroe from the trailer for the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondess. source

Celebrity x-rays and other famous medical documents pop up all the time online and in auctions. The authenticity of the ones shown here are not verified beyond what has been listed and/or sourced online.

View Marilyn Monroe's head x-ray here.


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