After a CT scan

Getting an CT scan is easier than most people think.


What happens after a CT scan?

After a CT scan examination is completed, you will be asked to wait until the technologist verifies that the images are of high enough quality for accurate interpretation.

CT scan of brain two-views

If you received a contrast injection, the IV is removed from your arm before you go home. There should be no effects from the scan or the contrast injection.

After a CT scan you may be given special instructions such as being told to drink lots of fluids to help your kidneys remove the contrast material from your body. You may be asked to wait for a short time in the radiology department to ensure that you feel well after the exam. Most times after the exam you can almost immediately return to your normal routine.

Afer CT scan two-views

In circumstance where you received sedation, you will be sent home once you are awake and alert. Someone will have to drive you home.

The CT images that were scanned from your body are stored as electronic data files and usually reviewed on a computer. A physician, usually a radiologist with expertise in supervising and interpreting radiology examinations, will analyze the images and send a signed report to your primary care physician and/or the physician who referred you for the exam. They will contact you to discuss the results with you.

CT radiologists two-views

Before leaving the exam, you may want to get a copy of the CD of your CT scan and want to view it on your own computer, however it may take a certain software program to be able to see the actual images.

Getting a CT scan:

Find out what the experience is like and what you should expect.

Before the CT
During the CT
After the CT


CT or CAT room two views

ABOVE: CT machines may look and sound scary, but they never actually touch you. All you have to do is lay there.

CT scan with patient two-views

ABOVE: Lights help guide the technician to scan the percise areas.

Facet joint CAT scan two views

ABOVE: CAT scanners take multiple images from various angles.

full body CT two views

ABOVE: A scanner can even capture your entire body.


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