A Quick History Of Mammography

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It all started in...

1913Albert Salomon makes an effort to visualize tumors in the breast with radiography.

1920s – Walter Vogel explained how X-rays could detect breast tissue differences. His guidelines that he explained are actually still used by today’s physicians.

1930sStafford L Warren was the first doctor to use mammography to diagnose breast cancer during pre-surgical observations.

Mid 1950s – Jacob Gershon Cohen uses mammography to screen healthy women for breast cancer.

Late 1950s – Robert Egan developed a new method of screening mammography. He published his results in a paper in 1959 and in a book in 1964.

1960s – Mammography became a widely used diagnostic tool.

1963 – Philip Strax collaborates on a study of women, which ends up showing that mammography reduced breast cancer deaths by a third.

1969 – The first X-ray units dedicated to breast imaging became available.

1973 – The National Cancer Institute began conducting a four-year study of women in the USA. They revealed that many women who had non-cancerous tumors and growths had undergone breast surgery, which they felt was unnecessary.

1976 – Mammography as a screening device became standard practice.

1992 – Congress enacts the Mammography Quality Standards Act, which ensures that all women have access to mammography for breast cancer detection.

1993 – A common language among doctors to report mammogram results is created by The American College of Radiology, known as the Breast Imaging and Reporting Data System.

2000 – The FDA approves the first digital mammography system.

2009 – The American Cancer Society reports that deaths due to breast cancer are down 30% as a result of early detect and treatment using mammography.

2011 – The FDA approves Hologic’s 3D mammography technology.

2014Journal of the American Medical Association reports that Hologic’s 3D mammography technology finds significantly more invasive cancers than a traditional mammogram.

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xray film mammogram in Two Views

ABOVE: Xray film of mammogram done of patient's right and left breasts.

digitally taken mammogram in Two Views

ABOVE: Digital mammogram done of patient's right and left breasts.


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